AMZ Founders is your one-stop shop for building and automating profitable e-commerce businesses. We take care of everything, from setting up your Done-For-You store to integrating automation across Amazon FBA, Walmart, and Shopify.

Stop managing your store; start growing it.

AMZ Founders was among the first to offer automation solutions for Amazon FBA, Walmart, and Shopify. We've been at the forefront of this revolution for years, giving us a unique edge in understanding e-commerce automation. We've built a reputation for crafting long-term, results-driven e-commerce strategies. Our approach sets us apart, focusing on sustainable growth over quick fixes.

Our leadership team is a powerful force. They're seasoned e-commerce veterans with decades of experience and a proven track record of generating millions in sales. Let our expertise propel your e-commerce journey. Partner with AMZ Founders and achieve the success you deserve.

How do we serve our clients?

Streamlined Onboarding

Launch your Ecommerce store seamlessly, whether it's brand new or an existing one. Our team ensures a smooth setup for automation success within 30-60 days. We secure contracts with top brands and optimize your inventory.

Expert Management

Breathe easy – our dedicated Amazon specialists manage your store entirely. We handle product listings, inventory control, sales, customer service, and store optimization. Our automation expertise helps clients achieve significant revenue goals.

Scaling Your Business

We don't just manage your store; we help it flourish. Our focus is on sustainable growth, taking your Amazon business to new heights. Leverage our expertise to unlock your store's full potential.

Passive Income Generation

Our automation solutions free up your time while driving revenue. Enjoy the benefits of a largely passive income stream with minimal work. Focus on other ventures while your stores thrive.

Profitable Results

We prioritize maximizing your return on investment. Our strategies target a 15%+ profit margin for your Ecommerce business. Achieve financial success with our data-driven approach.


Let us be your trusted partner on the path to e-commerce success. Benefit from our expertise and proven track record. Contact us today to discuss your Amazon business goals.

Boost Sales. Find Your Perfect Customers.

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Tired of the daily grind of managing your Amazon FBA, Walmart, or Shopify store? At AMZ Founders, we take the hassle out of e-commerce with cutting-edge automation solutions.

Here's what satisfied clients say about AMZ Founders' automation expertise

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Kariane Abshire

Honestly Amz Founders has decent virtual assistants. They manage my appointments well, though I've had to correct a few minor mistakes. They're not perfect, but they certainly make my work life easier.

AMZ Founder Image
AMZ Founder Image

Carlos Rivera

The AMZ Founders increased my product visibility through their expert Amazon advertising strategies. Their ad strategies were amazing; I became a bestseller in a few weeks

AMZ Founder Image
AMZ Founder Image

Madalena Campo

Collaborating with Amz Founders to create my Amazon store was easy. The team was educated and assisted me in improving the performance of my listings. I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out.

AMZ Founder Image
AMZ Founder Image

Daniel Peterson

The Amazon Store Creation by Amz Founders is a revolutionary tool for online retailers. They assisted me in properly showcasing my products and optimized my store to achieve the highest possible number of conversions. Very strongly suggested!

AMZ Founder Image
AMZ Founder Image

Edward K.

The Amazon Store that Amz Founders created surpassed any of my expectations. The team was quick to respond and did an outstanding job providing support. My retail location is now maximized for sales, and I couldn't be happier with the outcomes.

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  • AMZ Founder Image

    Mark Thompson

    I struggled with Amazon sales and found success with The AMZ Founders. Their optimized listings made a huge difference in my sales.

  • AMZ Founder Image

    Carlos Rivera

    The AMZ Founders increased my product visibility through their expert Amazon advertising strategies. Their ad strategies were amazing; I became a bestseller in a few weeks

  • AMZ Founder Image

    Alex Johnson

    With The AMZ Founders managing Amazon selling, I could concentrate on product development. They are my true business allies, and I recommend them with confidence

How Fellowes Brands Overcame a Sales Stagnation with New Content and Ultra-Effective Advertising

With a full-catalog content audit and sponsored advertising blitz, a prominent home and office technology company increased its sales year-over-year.

AMZ Founders Image
AMZ Founders Image

Reignite Your Amazon Sales: Proven Strategies for Growth

Are your Amazon sales stuck in a rut? Don't settle for stagnation! We've helped countless brands overcome plateaus and achieve explosive growth. Here's how we can help you unlock your full sales potential on Amazon

Content Audit & Optimization:

We identify sales gaps through a comprehensive content audit and optimize your product listings for maximum impact.

Advertising Blitz:

Craft high-performing sponsored ad campaigns to drive traffic and conversions, just like we did for Fellowes Brands.

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Data-Driven Strategies:

We leverage data insights to optimize campaigns and ensure you get the most out of your Amazon advertising spend.

Brand Storytelling:

Captivate your audience with compelling content that showcases your brand's unique value proposition.

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Increased Visibility:

Get your products seen by the right shoppers through targeted advertising and strategic keyword optimization.

Sales Growth Acceleration:

We implement proven strategies to overcome sales stagnation and propel your brand to new heights on Amazon.

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